Marco Landi has worked on boatbuilding soon after his degree in engineering in 1986, former sailor, Landi is one of the most respected boat builders in Brazil. He worked in Europe for three years, learning the secrets from some of the most prestigious European boat builders.

1986/88: Worked at Fast Yachts in São Paulo, Brasil in it’s racing division as leading boatbuilder/manager, during wich build some of the more successful boats in Brasil.

At Fast Yatchs:

  • 1986: “Fugitivo”: P. Briand Half Tonner
  • 1987: “Bonfire” : G. Frers One Tonner
  • 1988: “Blaupunkt”: B. Farr One Tonner


  • 1989/91: Moved to Europe to work in several projects with leading boatbuilders.
  • 1989: “NCB Ireland”: R. Holland Maxi (with Killian Bushe)
  • 1989: “Rothmans”: R. Humphreys Maxi (with Rob Lipset/Adrian Thompson)
  • 1989/90: “Juno IV”: T. Castro Two Tonner(with Killian Bushe)
  • 1990: “Full Pelt”: J. Richards Formula 40
  • 1990: “Port Pendennis”: E. Dubois (with Rob Lipset at Vision Yachts)
  • 1990: Started the Britsh boat for the America’s Cup.
  • 1990/91: “Kroener” America’s Cup Swedish entry with Killian Bushe

Moved back to Brasil in 1992 and started his own businnes.

  • 1992: “Or”: Finot Mini Transat
  • 1993/95: Started a series of 6 ILC 30 from Nelson/Marek Yacht Design, having built “Magia” for Torben Grael and several other successful boats in Brasil.

In 1995 Marco moves to Indaiatuba starting his activities at Landor using all expertise acquired over the years.

  • 1996: “Samara”: Simonis 45 water ballast/retractable keel.
  • 1997/98/99: Major refits

In 2000 Marco started the production of several Carabelli projects:

  • “Forró”: H. Carabelli 54’
  • “Swister”: H. Carabelli 54’
  • “Gold”: H. Carabelli 56’
  • “Samsara”: H. Carabelli 42’

and after that:

  • 2004: 45’ from H. Carabelli
  • 2003/04: “Trader”: J. Donovan TP52
  • 2003: 82’ from Javier Soto
  • 2004: 45’ from H. Carabelli
  • 2000/04: several small projects, like rudders, poles, daggerboards
  • 2005: Volvo 70 “Brasil 1” from Farr Yacht Design
  • 2006: IMS 46’ from Botin& Carkeek
  • 2006: 50’ Sportfisherman from Shorebreak
  • 2006/07: CCYD 64’ from Javier Soto Acebal
  • 2007: Nacira 60’ from Nacira Yacht Design


Our boatyard is located in Indaiatuba - São Paulo, Brazil. Our main focus is to deliver quality and unique boats for the sea lovers, such as us.


We are located in a 5,000 sqm facility with over 2,000 sqm of constructed area. We own all tools and equipments required to create all of our boats, such as: Industrial oven (23 meters), Vacuum pumps, Compressors, Special Cranes, Refrigerators, Painting Room, and more!

Our Staff

Over 20 employees full time, highly trained and skilled ready to start your project in no time. We also have additional staff on hold in case your project demands more people to be finished on time!

Contact us, lets have a chat and decide how you next boat should be!